Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25

A little up date about what's been going on since the VBS.  We went to N.Idaho to visit Rick's family.  The enjoyed picking huckleberries while we were there.  When we got back, we went to ASI.  We were able to talk to a a lot of people about our project here. Many were interested.

To share a little bit about Navajos.  They are thought to have been here about 1300 years. So they were here long before the white man or 'Anglos" as the Navajos call them.  It is believed they were from the Mongolia area.  Many of their facial features are the same.  Their hogans-house-is almost the same as the Mongolians gers or sometimes called yurts.   They lived off of what they could find to eat, but were not good gardeners.  Now they eat the SAD(standard American diet) food.  Although, most still eat a lot of mutton(sheep) stew and fry bread.  They also use blue corn meal and love watermelon and other fruit.  Potatoes and beans(mostly pintos) are also a big part of their diet.  Many today still do not have electric power and/or water.  They haul water in the backs of their pick-ups.  Most are poor.  In coming to the reservation, it is like coming to a third world country.  They like it here in the desert even though life is hard.  Most still herd sheep.  It's not uncommon to see, especially the grandmas.
In other post, I will tell more about them.  I hope to post some pictures of what the area is like.
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