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About This Blog

Through the years God has led us on many an adventurous path, and in 2009 He led us to begin what has since become the most adventurous one yet: working with the Native Americans.  It is our sincere hope and prayer that as we share the struggles and victorys, lessons and thoughts we have learned, you will see the hand and love of God at work. This work has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with Him. We are but the unworthy vessals He has changed to work through. And it is our prayer that in every day, victory, and post we can say "It was God alone." Please join us on this adventurous journey heavenbound!

For more information about our ministrsy among the Navajo people visit www.kayentanativeministries.com.

About Us

Rick and Judi Keener and their daughters, Kezzia and Lydia arrived in Kayenta, AZ, in January of 2009. We came to direct the Kayenta Seventh-day Adventist Community Center and Church Plant. Working with Navajos (also known as Dine') Kezzia left to go work at Young Disciple Ministries in 2012.  We are still working here in Kayenta doing Bible studies, health classes, and other things. We are in the process of opening a school here.  We love the people and are hoping and praying that they will come closer to the Lord.

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