Thursday, March 29, 2012

"New" Church and More

Many things have been happening around here these last few weeks. My apologies for not giving you more frequent updates. But anyways...heres the update, with lots of pictures.

A group of the guys from around here aalong with a visiting contracter, Jim, did a bunch of much-needed repair work. It looks so much better!

They redid that whole wall and several other things.

They retiled part of a bathroom, too.

Our new sign! And yes, it is up. 

We got some gravel even (even if it was mixed with a good measure of dirt!)

And even more exciting: we are about halfway done with an evangelistic series! The devil has been attacking these meetings since before they begin, but God's been blessing, and we've been having remarkable attendance. But please continue to pray for these meetings. This weekend we are going to be presenting the Sabbath and other sensitive topics. Here are a few pics:

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