Monday, November 24, 2014

An Answer to Prayer

Note: This was supposed to be written the end of August, but the nature of life has delayed it till now.

"If it's your will for us to keep investing in this school, please send some students by the end of the week," dad prayed. "That's not possible," I thought. "We've been trying for so long. We've put a lot into it these last few days. There's been no response. Maybe God hasn't sent them because there's still too many things that need to be worked out. Whatever the case, maybe He'll send some next week. But not by the end of this week."

Oh me of little faith. The next day I prepared to work in my garden (though a little garden only takes a little time), not for school. But nearly as soon as my head popped off the pillow in the morning, the phone began ringing off the hook (wait, cell phones don't have hooks) with people calling about the school. And by that evening we had two children enrolled.

Playing with the kids

- - - -

I'm still in awe just writing about it. Our God is good. Unfortunately, about two months later they went to stay with another relative and haven't been able to come to school. But let's continue to pray for them, and for the others God will send in the future.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Impossible Possibilities

We said it was impossible; that it would take a series of miracles. 

But after years of seeing the need, God said, "Now is the time." So, we cautiously stepped forward in faith. And Kayenta Christian School is opening this year. 
God has worked countless miracles to already to make this school a reality, but now we are up against what could be the biggest challenge in opening this school: getting the children. 

It's always hard to start something new here, and due to scheduling difficulties, we missed the best time to advertise and so many of the children that were probable are enrolled in the public school. But it's not too late. 

Please join us in praying that God will send the children. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Another long time between posts.  We just get busy and forget to update.  Here are some pictures from this years VBS.  We are so thankful for Patsi Beaven and Katheleen Collins from the Prescott AZ area for heading this up.

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