Sunday, April 24, 2011

Evangelistic Meetings

Starting on April 15, we began holding as series of evangelistic meetings in the town of Shiprock, NM as a joint effort with the Waterflow Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Monuement Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
Pastor Charlie Whitehorse, of Monuemtn Valley, UT is conducting the adult meetings and people from Waterflow are doing the children's meetings.
This is a four week series, mainly based on prophecy.

Shiprock is a town with a Population in July 2007 of 8,746. There is no Adventist presence in this city. The closest Adventist church is 10-15 miles away (and off the reservation). Think of all the people who do not know Christ, think of all the people that are within our power to reach. That is the purpose of these meetings.

We are having a good attendance of around 20 non-Adventists each night. Please pray that God's Spirit will move mightily and will convict hearts, both of Adventists and non-Adventists, to surrender their all and prepare for the soon coming of Jesus. Pray that these people will continue coming even when they hear the messages that usually turn people off. Pray for the guidance of the Spirit of God on the people conducting these meetings and pray that God will speak through them.

We fight: but not against nations, we fight: but not against the principalities and powers of this world. We fight against sin, against the powers of the devil, and yes, against Satan himself. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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